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Name: __ Class:
Read the passage and choose the best answer for each blank.
My best friend Jenny (1) __________ on a TV quiz show a few nights ago. It was very exciting.
We all knew that she (2) __________ be on, so all our friends met at her parents’ house to watch it. Her
parents videoed it too, of course. The programme started at half past seven. We screamed and clapped
when we saw Jenny. She looked great. She had had her hair done, and was wearing the new top she had
brought the day before. She sat in the chair in the middle of the studio while the (3) __________ asked
her some questions. The questions got harder and harder as they increased in (4) __________ if she didn’t
make any mistakes and get the most difficult question right, she would will a million pounds. By this
time, Jerry had won a thousand pounds. That was definitely hers, whatever happened. She answered the
next question correctly, which was worth five thousand pounds. I didn’t know the answer, but she did
know! Then with the next question, she (5) __________ a risk but got the answer wrong. She was gone
out of the game. Still, she had her thousand pounds, and we were very proud of her.
1. A. appeared B. turned C. presented D. participated
2. A. might B. should C. would D. could
3. A. presenter B. leader C. producer D. director
4. A. value B. cost C. award D. difficulty
5. A. got B. took C. made D. had
Choose the best answer among A,B,C and D.
6. A situation in which people or organizations compete with each other to find out who is the best at something.
A. participation B. competition C. activity D. performance
7. A person who decides who has won a competition is called a (n) __________.
A. referee B. judge C. investigator D. witness
8. A person who has been chosen to speak or vote for someone else on behalf of group.
A. contestant B. competitor C. examinee D. representative
9. How many __________ are there in the competition?
A. participates B. participants C. participations D. participative
10. To participate __________ the contest, you must be under 25 years old.
A. for B. at C. in D. about
I. Choose the best answer among A,B,C, and D.
21. “It is you that stole my purse,” Mrs. Pike said to the young man.
A. Mrs. Pike told the young man that it was you that stole her purse.
B. Mrs. Pike denied the young man of stealing her purse.
C. Mrs. Pike accused the young man of stealing her purse.
D. Mrs. Pike asked the young man to steal her purse.
22. “Thank you very much for your help, John” said Daisy.
A. Daisy thanked John for helping her
B. Daisy told John to help her.
C. Daisy wanted John to help her and said thanks.
D. Daisy would like John to help her.
23. My friend _______________________.
A. suggested going for a walk B. suggested us going for a walk
C. advised to go for a walkD. would like going for a walk
24. “I’m sorry. I broke the vase,” my little son said.
A. My little son said that he was sorry and he would break the vase.
B. My little son refused breaking the vase and said sorry.
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