Trading For A Living In The Forex Market_2004

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1. Common knowledge about the trading on Forex
1.1. Forex as a part of the global financial market
A brief history about the rise and development of Forex.
The factors that caused Foreign Exchange Volume Growth on Forex (Exchange
Rate Volatility, Business Internationalization, Increasing of Traders’
Sophistication, Developments in Telecommunications, Computer and
Programming Development). The role of the U.S. Federal Reserve System and
central banks of other G-7 countries on Forex.

1.2. Risks by the trading on Forex
1.3. Forex sectors
Spot Market
Forward Market
Futures Market
Currency Options

2. Major currencies and trade systems
2.1. Major currencies
The U.S. Dollar
The Euro
The Japanese Yen
The British Pound
The Swiss Franc

2.2. Trade systems on Forex
Trading with brokers
Direct dealing

3. Fundamental analysis by trading on Forex
3.1 Theories of exchange rate determination
Purchasing Power Parity
Theory of Elasticities
Modern monetary theories on exchange rate volatility

3.2. Indicators for the fundamental analysis
Economic indicators
The Gross National Product
The Gross Domestic Product
Consumption Spending
Investment Spending
Government Spending
Net Trading

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Industrial sector indicators
Industrial Production
Capacity Utilization
Factory Orders
Durable Goods Orders
Business Inventories
Construction Data
Inflation Indicators
Producer Price Index
Consumer Price Index
Gross National Product Implicit Deflator
Gross Domestic Product Implicit Deflator
Commodity Research Bureau’s Futures Index
The Journal of Commerce Industrial Price
Balance of Payments
Merchandise Trade Balance
The U.S. – Japan Merchandise Trade Balance
Employment Indicators
Employment Cost Index
Consumer Spending Indicators
Retail Sales
Consumer Sentiment
Auto Sales
Leading Indicators
Personal Income

3.3. Forex dependence on financial and sociopolitical factors
The Role of Financial Factors
Political Crises Influence

4. Technical analysis
4.1. The destination and fundamentals of technical analysis
Theory of Dow
Percent measures of prices reverse

4.2. Charts for the technical analysis
Kinds of prices ...
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