101 Healing Stories for Kids and Children

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Praise for
101 Healing Stories for Children and Teens

George Burns is a highly experienced clinician with the remarkable ability to create, discover and
tell engaging stories that can teach us all the most important lessons in life. With 101 Healing Stories
for Kids and Teens, he strives especially to help kids and teens learn these life lessons early on,
providing them opportunities for getting help, and even learning to think preventively. Burns has
made an invaluable contribution to helping young people build good skills and good lives.
Michael D.Yapko, Ph.D.
Author of Breaking the Patterns of Depression and Hand-Me-Down Blues
101 Healing Stories for Children and Teens is a must read for everyone working with this age group.
George Burns takes the reader on a wonderful journey, balancing metaphor, good therapeutic
technique, and empirical foundations during the trip. Given that Burns utilizes all three aspects of
the Confucian story referred to in the book—teaching, showing, and involving—any reader using
this resource should increase their understanding of how stories can be used therapeutically.
Richard G.Whiteside, MSW
Author of The Art of Using and Losing Control and Working with Difficult Clients
Burns has done it again, even more thoroughly and usefully than last time! I loved the structure, the
content, and the stories— particularly the child-generated metaphors and collaborative tales. This
book is going to be invaluable to all clinicians who work with children of all ages, and shines with
the clear and genuine love that allowed its writing. Thanks, George.
Robert McNeilly, MBBS
Director, Centre of Effective Therapy, Melbourne, Australia
Author of Healing the Whole Person
101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens is a fantastic idea, well executed, by a master! Burns
systematically leads readers through every step of constructing and delivering therapeutic stories in
general, and then outlines and provides examples of stories for achieving a wide variety of specific
goals. This book is a wonderful gift for psychotherapists but it should also be in the hands of every
parent who spends loving time with their children.
Stephen Lankton, MSW, DAHB
Executive Director, Phoenix Institute of Ericksonian Therapy
Author of The Answer Within and T...
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