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A Personal History of Nuclear Medicine

Henry N. Wagner, Jr.

A Personal History of
Nuclear Medicine

Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD, PhD
Professor of Environmental Health Sciences,
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health;
Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Radiology,
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD, USA

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To Anne, our four children, their spouses and nine grandchildren
for their never-ending love and help

Life-size portrait of Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD, with two colleagues that now hangs in Hopkins Nuclear Medicine Division. Portrait by Cedric Egeli.


Each year, at the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, Henry Wagner
summarizes his view of principal advances in the field. In A Personal History of Nuclear
Medicine, he brings the same insight to the fifty years he has practiced, preached and
breathed nuclear medicine. That same fifty years spans the era in which radioactivity
has been harnessed to provide exquisite maps of physiologic function in the living
human body.
Thus, the book brings the perspective of an insider, whose own contributions have
been particularly influential: leader of a premier program in education...
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