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Africa phrasebook
1st edition – June 2007
Published by
Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd ABN 36 005 607 983
90 Maribyrnong St, Footscray, Victoria 3011, Australia
Lonely Planet Offices
Australia Locked Bag 1, Footscray, Victoria 3011
USA 150 Linden St, Oakland CA 94607
UK 72–82 Rosebery Ave, London, EC1R 4RW
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Jammin’ by Wendy Wright
ISBN 978 1 74059 692 3
text © Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd 2007
cover illustration © Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd 2007
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Printed through the Bookmaker International Ltd
Printed in China
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval
system or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,
recording or otherwise, except brief extracts for the purpose of review, without the
written permission of the publisher.

This book is based on existing editions of Lonely Planet’s phrasebooks as well
as new content. It was developed with the help of the following people:

Wilna Liebenberg for the Afrikaans chapter
Daniel Aboye Aberra for the Amharic chapter
Shalome Knoll for the Arabic chapter
Michael Janes for the French chapter
Izabela Will for the Hausa chapter
Vololona Rasolofoson for the Malagasy chapter
Robert Landon for the Portuguese chapter
Chenjerai Shire for the Shona chapter
Martin Benjamin for the Swahili chapter
Fiona McLaughlin for the Wolof chapter
Harrison Adeniyi for the Yoruba chapter
Russell Kaschula and Thanduxolo Fatyi for the Xhosa chapter
Derek Gowlett for the Zulu chapter

Thanks also to thank Jean-Pierre Masclef (French) and Yukiyoshi Kamimura
(Portuguese) for additional language expertise.

Lonely Planet and the Lonely Planet logo are trade marks of Lonely Planet and are
registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries.

Although the authors and Lonely Planet have taken all reasonable care in
preparing this book, we make no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of its content and, to the maximum extent permitted, disclaim all
liability arising from its use.

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Commissioning Editors: Karin Vidstrup Monk (assisted
by Branislava Vladisavljevic) & Rachel Williams
Editor: Vanessa Battersby
Assisting Editors: Branislava Vladisavljevic &
Francesca Coles
Managing Editor: Annelies Mertens

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