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S P O R T S & AC T I V I T I E S

Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School (p197)
Lumphini Stadium (p199)
Ruen-Nuad Massage & Yoga (p197)

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Although the climate is not conducive to exercise, Bangkokians like to work up a sweat doing
more than just climbing the stairs to the Skytrain station. All the popular Thai sports are
represented in the capital city: from the top-tier muay thai (Thai boxing) to a pick-up game of
tàkrâw (Siamese football).
Thais also consider traditional massage an integral component of health, so you can always
pay someone else to do all the work. In tandem with the massage tradition, Bangkok is emerging
as one of the world’s spa capitals, with facilities to satisfy almost any whim or budget.

Whether you’re looking to sweat out the toxins or have them pampered away, Bangkok
should be able to satisfy.


%0 2251 2627; 4/13 Soi 5, Th Sukhumvit;
1hr massage 270B; h10am-midnight; dNana
On a small sub-soi (lane) behind the Amari
Boulevard Hotel, this tidy shopfront is in a
decidedly sleazy part of town, but inside
is a professional masseur whose focused
concentration could melt metal.

Hotel, offers a full range of massage and
health treatments. Privacy is the spa’s main
strength, with individual and couples’
suites (shower, massage tables and steam
room) keeping camera-shy celebs happy.
Bookings are essential.

Map pp124–5
%0 2416 5454; 

12th fl, Nakornthon Hospital, Th Phra Ram II;
packages from 1000B; access by taxi
The wellness centre of this Bangkok hospital has a traditional Thai medicine wing,
combining spa therapy with ancient Thai
techniques. The primary practice is the use
of tamrub thong, which uses the application of gold leaf and herbs to rejuvenate
skin and restore collagen. Other treatments
focus on nutritional evaluations and aromatherapy to ensure the balance of the
body’s essential elements: earth, wind,
water and fire.

ORIENTAL SPA Map pp108–9

%0 2679 1052; banyantreespa.com/bangkok;

%0 2659 0444; 
Oriental Hotel, 48 Soi 38, Th Charoen Krung;
half-day packages from 8400B; dSaphan Taksin,
ffrom Oriental Hotel

Banyan Tree Hotel & Spa, 21/100 Th Sathon Tai;
packages from 5800B; mLumphini

This award-winning spa, set in a delightful riverside location opposite the Oriental



Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School ( p197 )
Lumphini Stadium ( p199 )
Ruen-Nuad Massage & Yoga ( p197 )
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