Corruption in Vietnam

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Name: Nguyen HuongTra
Class: SF926
11. (Politics) Corruption is rampant in every level of Vietnam's political, economic and social
hierachy. It takes on many forms,defunctionalizes the system and heavily cripples the life of
its citizens. Give a detailed report of the extent of the problem, at every level and aspect.
Corruption is regarded as one of the most nationally concerned dilemmas in Vietnam over the
past decade. Vietnam lags behind other worldwide countries as the Corruption Perceptions Index
(CPI), which is used to assess the perception level of civil servants and politicians towards
corruption in their own countries, reaches the score of 31 (on a 0 to 100 scale, with higher values
corresponding to worse corruption situation) in 2013. In the same year, the country ranked 116
out of 176 examined countries according to Transparency International. Corruption affects
different sectors including health care, education, construction, which poses heavy damages to
not only the growth of economy but also the society as a whole. Specifically, the corruption
cases in 2004 bear the burden of more than VND 6,470 billion losses for Government’s budget.
In an attempt to confront this situation, Vietnam Government has implemented a wide range of
anti-corruption laws since 2005. However, the large implementation gap as well as the lack of
enforcement put these efforts into a disadvantaged position in which it does not bring the
expected results. It is of necessity to examine corruption’s rampant reality, its consequences,
reasons and some of feasibly proposed solutions.
At the beginning, corruption is the misuse of public power for private benefits. In Vietnam, this
definition is varied in many forms. Making informal payments or giving gifts to public officials
to achieve the desired purposes are among the most common ones. According to the framework
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