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A fishing boat heads out to sea at sunset

42 Travel Facts

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Travel Facts

Transport ranges from bus to
bike and everything in between

A guide snaps a holiday shot

allowed for check-in, plus a carry on and
a computer. Some divers now carry their
If you’re flying in from Asia or Australia, prepare to pay through the nose
or not bring anything of substance. The
baggage allowance is only 20kg, with
maybe an extra 10kg if you’re lucky.
(Strangely, only golfers can bring extra
baggage without charge.) Extra baggage fees can often add up to more
than the ticket. Also, be aware that if you
travel through Hong Kong you may be
confronted with haggling over a carryon bag being a centimeter too long in
as you enter customs and security. Most
airlines will only cover up to US$2500
(usually less), which may just cover a single camera, so explain the circumstance
and insist on taking a bag with your digital gear and computer on board. Make
as many advance preparations for this
as possible and work with the airlines.
There are plenty of land entry points
into Thailand between Myanmar, Laos
and Cambodia.
There is a Bt500 departure tax for all
international departures. Transit passengers (those in the country for less
than 12 hours) and children under two
years of age are exempt.

Many international airlines service Thailand on a daily basis. There are plenty
of bargain-basement flights to take advantage of for domestic flights in Thailand, and also for onward travel. Bear in
mind that flights in and out of Thailand
are often overbooked, so confirm and
A host of international carriers land
at Don Muang, Bangkok’s major airport
terminal. Flights in and out of Thailand
can be overbooked, so it’s imperative
to reconfirm ongoing flights as soon
as you arrive. This can be done at the
airport. A good option is to bypass the
Bangkok madness and fly directly into
Phuket. Keep in mind that when leaving
the small Phuket airport, things can bog
down – even getting in the door past
a checkpoint can cause a major bottleneck. Get there early to save the bother.
It’s a nice enough airport inside and has
some good food stands.
Divers, especially those with diving
photography gear, will be well-catered
for on flights originating in the US, as
baggage restrictions allow for a reasonable amount of gear and equipment. Usually two 50-pound bags are

An intricate network of good roads
makes it ...
A fishing boat heads out to sea at sunset
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