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Deira Spice Souq (p93)
Deira Gold Souq (p93)
Dubai Festival City (p102)
Bateel dates (p96)
Five Green (p97)
S*uce (p100)
Wafi City (p98)
Pashmina shawls (p98)
Mumbai Se (p102)
Souq Madinat Jumeirah (p101)

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Malls in Dubai open from 10am to 10pm Sunday to Wednesday, from 10am to midnight
Thursday to Saturday (weekends), and later
during Dubai Shopping Festival and Ramadan (often until 1am). Traditionally, souqs
and non-mall stores close a few hours during
the afternoon for prayer, lunch and rest, and
don’t open on Fridays until late afternoon,
but that’s changing. These days many remain
open all day. Malls get packed Friday nights:
if you hate crowds, stay away. Otherwise, the
people-watching is great.


Bargaining is an obsession for some; others
do anything to avoid it, immediately accepting the first offer. If you fall into the latter
category, bear in mind that the first price suggested by spruikers in souqs is unrealistic; if
you accept, you’re overpaying and sending a
signal to locals that out-of-towners are easy
marks. Here’s how to handle it. A counteroffer of half is made. The final figure will usually be somewhere about 20% to 50% lower
than the shopkeeper’s initial offer. Expect
additional discounts for buying more than
one piece from a vendor. Once the vendor
agrees to your figure, you’re expected to pay.
Continuing to haggle once you’ve agreed is an
insult. Leaving the store empty-handed after
you’ve bargained is impolite. Remember, you
may want to return; leaving on good terms
will score you bigger discounts next time.

Dubai Festival City (p102)
Mall of the Emirates (p101)
BurJuman Centre (p96)
Souq Madinat Jumeirah (p101)
Ibn Battuta Mall (p101)

Confidence comes with practice; having
a friend with you helps. Some like to play
‘good cop, bad cop’, with one feigning disinterest, trying to drag the other away. The
shopkeeper will reduce the price rather than
lose a sale. You don’t typically bargain at
chain stores in shopping malls, but at independent stores inside the malls, ask for the
‘best price’, especially on carpets, perfumes
and electronics.

Gold & Gems

The City of Gold’s glistening reputation grows
from low prices and the sheer breadth of selection. There are a whopping 700 jewellery stores
in Dubai, with nearly 300 at the Gold Souq and
over 100 at the Gold & Diamond Park. Low
import duties a...
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Deira Spice Souq ( p93 )
Deira Gold Souq ( p93 )
Dubai Festival City ( p102 )
Bateel dates ( p96 )
Five Green ( p97 )
S*uce ( p100 )
Wafi City ( p98 )
Pashmina shawls ( p98 )
Mumbai Se ( p102 )
Souq Madinat Jumeirah ( p101 )
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