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New Asia Bar & Club (p127)
Troyka (p127)
Bar 44 (p130)
Buddha Bar (p130)
Barasti Bar (p130)
Rooftop Bar (p130)
360º (p129)
Chi@The Lodge (p131)
Peppermint Club (p132)
Marrakech (p133)
QD’s (p134)

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Multicultural Dubai has a range of bars and
pubs to match your mood, from gritty to


glam. Though they’re touristy, plan to visit a
beach bar in New Dubai to see the sun set over
the gulf – a quintessential Dubai experience;
a fancy spot, whether it be a dance club or a

It’s wise – and cost-effective – to stick to one area of town for a night out. There’s no better buzz-kill than Dubai’s
weekend traffic. Here are some favourite nights out, by neighbourhood.

Bur Dubai
Wafi City and the Grand Hyatt hotel are solid options for a night out because they’re within walking distance of each
other and provide a varied selection of bars and restaurants. At Wafi, you could start with wine and cheese at Vintage
(p127) or soak up the views over fancy cocktails atop Raffles hotel at New Asia Bar (p127). For dinner consider the
Indian party scene at Asha’s (p112) or the Asian cooking at Thai Chi (p112). For a serious splurge, book a table at Fire
& Ice (p110). You could pep it up with post-dinner drinks at Ginseng (p126). Or head to the Grand Hyatt for something
mellower. There’s a good selection of wines at the Grand’s mellow Vinoteca. For a sexy Indian tandoori dinner, head to
Iz (p110) or book a table (late) at Lebanese Awtar (p111), which can turn into its own big night out. To dance to Arab
pop and live DJs, hit the dance floor at MIX (p132), but the hands-down best club is a short taxi ride from either Wafi
or the Grand: Chi@The Lodge (p131).

Begin with a quiet pre-dinner drink at Issimo (p126), before having the ultimate top-end dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s
Verre (p107). Alternatively book a window table for Persian at Shabestan (p107) and tap your toe to the fantastic
all-Iranian band. If you’re feeling mellow after dinner, stroll along the waterfront and watch dockworkers loading the
dhows. To coo with your date over a snifter of brandy, head to intimate, sometimes lively Ku-Bu (p126), or sink into a
sofa and time-travel back to the 1970s at the often-empty Velvet Lounge (p126).

Sheikh Zayed Road



A night on the town is a big deal in Dubai, and despite the municipality’s efforts to ...
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New Asia Bar & Club ( p127 )
Troyka ( p127 )
Bar 44 ( p130 )
Buddha Bar ( p130 )
Barasti Bar ( p130 )
Rooftop Bar ( p130 )
360º ( p129 )
Chi@The Lodge ( p131 )
Peppermint Club ( p132 )
Marrakech ( p133 )
QD’s ( p134 )
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