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Dice Bar (p171)
Gravediggers (aka Kavanagh’s) (p172)
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Kehoe’s (p165)
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The rounds system – the simple custom where
someone buys you a drink and you buy one
back – is the bedrock of Irish pub culture. It’s
summed up in the Irish saying: ‘It’s impossible
for two men to go to a pub for one drink.’
Nothing will hasten your fall from social grace
here like the failure to uphold this pub law.
The Irish are extremely generous and one
thing they can’t abide is tightfistedness.
Another golden rule about the system
is that the next round starts when the first
person has finished (preferably just about to
finish) their drink. It doesn’t matter if you’re
only halfway through your pint, if it’s your
round get them in.
Your greatest challenge will probably be
trying to keep up with your fellow drinkers,
who may keep buying you drinks in every
round even when you’ve still got a clatter of
unfinished pints in front of you and you’re
sliding face first down the bar.
Banter is the fibre of sociability. ‘Slagging’,
or teasing, is the city’s favourite pastime and
a far more reliable indicator of the strength
of friendship than virtually any kind of com-


pliment: a fast, self-deprecating wit and an
ability to take a joke in good spirits will win
you plenty of friends.


You can get every conceivable international
brew and distillation of booze that is made for
export – and the vast majority of Dubliners
are happy to declare a foreign tipple as their
favourite, with one exception. You would be
criminally negligent if you didn’t wet your
teeth with at least one local liquid, the black
stuff that virtually symbolises the city.

Whiskey, not Whisky

Irish whiskey shares equal billing as the national drink, but in the home it is paramount
and if your host produces their best bottle
it means you’re either very welcome, very
wealthy or very lucky. Besides the spelling
and the fact that it is distilled three times,
Irish whiskey differs from its Scotch cousins
in that Scottish malt barley is dried over peat
fires, which gives the drink its smoky flavour,
whereas Irish malt is dried in smokeless kilns.
Finally, while most punters (including most
Dubs) would be hard pressed to name more
than a handful of Irish whiskeys, at last call
there were almost 100 different types, albeit
Anseo ( p163 )
Dice Bar ( p171 )
Gravediggers (aka Kavanagh’s) ( p172 )
Grogan’s Castle Lounge ( p165 )
James Toner’s ( p167 )
Kehoe’s ( p165 )
Long Hall ( p165 )
Shakespeare ( p171 )
South William ( p164 )
Sin É ( p171 )
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