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Of all of the transformations brought on by prosperity, none has been so dramatic, so
downright revolutionary, as how Dubliners deal with grub. Gone are the days when food
was nothing more than a biological necessity to be endured – or enjoyed after a bellyful of
pints. Now, it’s all ‘did you hear about that new Vietnamese place? You absolutely have to
go, the spring rolls are divine, just like the ones in that little place in Hanoi we ate in a couple
of years ago.’ Food – how it’s eaten, where it’s eaten, even how it’s talked about – is the new
drug of choice for so many Dubliners that in some social circles you aren’t so much what
you eat but where you eat.
Eating out – once the preserve of the idle rich, business-lunch crew and extraordinary celebration – has become a remarkably popular pastime, enjoyed by Dubliners in their thousands nightly
in the hundreds of restaurants, bistros and brasseries that have opened their doors in recent
years to an increasingly picky audience who fancy themselves natural-born food critics.
And in Dublin, critics have a field day – and not simply because giving out is a favourite
sport. Not so long ago, your average Dubliner would have accepted steak as hard as shoe leather
surrounded by veggies boiled beyond recognition because to complain would have appeared
ungrateful. No more. The opening of so many eateries has turned a dormant dining town into
a culinary bear-pit, where restaurateurs paying exorbitant rents are in a perpetual dogfight for
the patronage of a clientele that no longer feels awkwardly grateful crossing the hearth of the
latest themed epicurean fantasy.
Of which there are an awful lot. The city is now awash with super-cool restaurants sporting fab décor, funky menus and staff who really should be strutting the length of a catwalk.
But décor, beauty and plenty of press do not necessarily a good restaurant make. Substance is
usually more important than style to your average Dublin diner, and you can rely on at least
half the population to point out that the Emperor is, in fact, stark bollock naked. Thankfully,
a growing number of chefs and restaurateurs have cottoned on to this fact and are working to
increasingly higher standards.


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Bang Café ( p152 )
Chapter One ( p156 )
Good World ( p148 )
Gruel ( p154 )
Larder ( p154 )
L’Gueuleton ( p147 )
Lock’s ( p147 )
Silk Road Café ( p150 )
Tea Rooms ( p153 )
Town Bar & Grill ( p145 )
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