Getting Started in Bonds

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Getting Started in

Second Edition

Sharon Saltzgiver Wright

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Praise for the Previous Edition
of Getting Started in Bonds
This book not only does an outstanding job of introducing basic
bond concepts, but also introduces the reader to more sophisticated
investing strategies. Sharon Wright does a fantastic job demystifying
a subject many people find intimidating—this book is not only understandable, but also entertaining and fun.
—Brian M. Storms,
President, Prudential Investments
Ms. Wright has produced an excellent, easy-to-read guide for the
novice bond investor. The book is well organized and allows its readers to identify and focus in on the security types most suitable for
them. Even experienced investors will find this book a refresher
course in bond fundamentals.
—Richard Lehmann,
Publisher, Income Securities Advisor Newsletter
Getting Started in Bonds is a thorough, straightforward, and accessible
introduction to the world of fixed income securities. Wright does an
excellent job of covering basic concepts as well as explaining the
broader factors that affect bond prices. This book is a valuable and essential tool for the novice investor.
—Gail C. Scully,
Partner and Portfolio Manager, Gofen and Glossberg
The recent volatility of world equity markets is sure to increase interest in fixed income investing. Getting Started in Bonds successfully introduces investors to the dynamic world of buying and selling money.
Furthermore, it does so in an easy-to-read, entertaining format.
—Jefferson DeAngelis,
Managing Director, Northwestern Investment
Management Company

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