Health Care for Us All

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Health Care for Us All challenges the common belief that health care problems in the
United States are difficult and possibly insoluble. Americans want to get more for
their health care spending, including insurance coverage for everyone that is patientcentered, portable, and permanent. In addition to these two goals, they want a system that respects incentives for high-quality care, exhibits a responsible approach to
the budget, and is sustainable. Health Care for Us All adopts these five objectives and
applies an efficiency filter to identify the virtually unique framework that meets all
objectives. Impediments to achieving Americans’ goals can be summarized under the
rubrics of too little insurance, too little income, and too little properly functioning
market. The efficient remedy for each is the subject of the book. Related philosophical as well as economic issues, such as why there should be government involvement
in health care, are analyzed.
Earl L. Grinols has been Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Hankamer School
of Business, Baylor University, since 2004. He has previously taught at MIT, Cornell
University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois. Professor Grinols
worked as a research economist for the Department of the Treasury and as Senior
Economist for the Council of Economic Advisers. He has extensively published in
the fields of finance, public finance, international economics, and macroeconomics.
He is the author of three previous books, including Gambling in America: Costs and
Benefits (2004), also published by Cambridge University Press. He has testified before
Congress and numerous statehouses, and his work has been cited by leading newspapers and news outlets including The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times,
Boston Globe, Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Time, U.S. News
and World Report, Washington Post, and New York Times.
James W. Henderson, Ben H. Williams Professor in Economics at Baylor University,
received his Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University. He has taught at Baylor in
Waco, Texas, since 1981. Professor Henderson’s health care research on diverse issues
such as alternatives to pharmaceutical patents, cost-effectiveness of cancer screening, availability of hospital services in rural areas, hospital location decisions, and
the cost-effectiveness of prenatal care appears i...
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