Hongkong sports activities

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S P O R T S & AC T I V I T I E S

Horse Racing in Happy Valley (p230)
Rugby Sevens (p231)
Walking Hong Kong’s trails (p224)
Evening harbour sailing (p230)
Waterside morning t’ai chi (p227)
Golf on Kau Sai Chau Island (p224)
Stretching and breathing deep at Yoga Plus (p222)

Yes it can be an urban jungle, but Hong Kong is surprisingly well served by public sports facilities and other activities. Getting the heart rate going can be as simple as slipping into some
swimming togs, grabbing the handlebars of a rental bike or unrolling a yoga mat.
Hong Kong’s green open spaces often surprise first-time visitors with their size and relative
isolation. Beyond the concrete canyons there’s enough wilderness and coast to keep even the
keenest hikers, bird-watchers and sailors going for a life time.
If watching rather than doing is your thing, there’s a busy spectator sports calendar, too,
and often plenty of atmosphere to be found (especially where there’s the possibility of a having
a flutter on the result).

Hong Kong is bursting at the seams with


Getting fit is big business in Hong Kong, with
the largest slices of the pie shared out among
a few big names. The South China Athletic Association (Map p74; %2890 7736; 88 Caroline Hill Rd, So Kon Po;
jHappy Valley) has a massive (1000 sq metre)

gym, with modern exercise machinery and
an aerobics room, as well as a sauna, a steam
room and massage (monthly membership
$250, or $50 per visit). The following two are
notable in that they offer short-term memberships.

%2522 5229;  1 Wellington St, Central; daily $150; h6am-midnight

Mon-Sat, 8am-10pm Sun; MTR Central exit D2
Asia’s largest health club has six outlets in
Hong Kong, including a Wan Chai branch (Map
p65; %2877 7070; 88 Gloucester Rd; MTR Wan Chai, exit
A1), which keeps the same hours.

%2970 3366;  1st-3rd fl,

%2575 3028; 7 Oi Kwan Rd, Wan Chai; adult/child $19/9)
and the one in the basement of the South China
Athletic Association (Map p74; %2890 7736; 88 Caroline
Hill Rd, So Kon Po; adult/child $22/10; jHappy Valley), are

open all year.


Feel like giving your tootsies a pamper? Or
how about your nostrils an olfactory feast? You
can at one of Hong Kong’s therapy clinics.
DK Aromatherapy (Map p68; %2771 2847; www
.aroma.com.hk; Ground fl, 16A Staunton St, Central, Central Escalator; h1...
Horse Racing in Happy Valley ( p230 )
Rugby Sevens ( p231 )
Walking Hong Kong’s trails ( p224 )
Evening harbour sailing ( p230 )
Waterside morning t’ai chi ( p227 )
Golf on Kau Sai Chau Island ( p224 )
Stretching and breathing deep at Yoga Plus ( p222 )
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