Istanbul drinking night life

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Hotel Nomade Terrace Bar (p172)
Java Studio (p173)
Café Meşale (p173)
Set Üstü Çay Bahçesi (p173)
Leb-i Derya Richmond (p176)
Leyla (p176)
Mikla (p176)
Nu Teras (p176)
360 (p176)
The raft of nargileh joints at Tophane (p174)

It may be the biggest city in an officially Muslim country, but İstanbul’s population likes nothing more than a drink or two. If the raki-soaked atmosphere in the city’s meyhanes isn’t a clear
enough indicator, a foray into Beyoğlu’s thriving bar scene will confirm this fact. If you’re in
the mood for a drink, we suggest you go out on the town on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday
night. Alternatively, you could check out the alcohol-free, atmosphere-rich çay bahçesis (tea
gardens) or kahvehanes (coffee houses) dotted around Sultanahmet and over the Galata Bridge
in Tophane. These are great places to relax and sample a Turkish institution, the nargileh (water
pipe), and a cup of Türk kahvesi (Turkish coffee) or çay (tea).

ahmet. The joints along Akbıyık Caddesi are
great for backpackers and unthinkable for
everyone else. Don’t despair, though. Why not
substitute tobacco or caffeine for alcohol and
visit one of the many atmospheric çay bahçesis
dotted around the neighbourhood?



Akbıyık Caddesi 20 h10am-2am; jSultanahmet
Slap-bang in the middle of backpacker
central, this raucous bar is not for the fainthearted. If you can imagine nothing better
than sinking a skinful, listening to Men at
Work’s Land Down Under and bragging
about how cheaply you’re managing to live
while on the road, this place is for you. The
nearby Just Bar offers more of the same.

ful glass lights that are suspended from the
ceiling. It’s a wonderfully atmospheric spot
for a pre-dinner drink.

%212-516 9497; Tevkifhane Sokak 8A; hnoonmidnight; jSultanahmet
We agonised about whether to include
this rooftop bar-restaurant in the book or
not. Its amazing views are certainly worthy
of comment, but like everyone in Sultanahmet, we’re deeply disturbed as to how
the place managed to get a permit to build
so high, dominate the skyline (not felicitously) and obscure the views of so many
other businesses. On top of this, the waiters
here can be spectacularly disinterested in
serving guests who only want a drink – the
money (and tips) are clearly in the substandard fish dishes the place serves and
not in the pricey drinks. Hmm.

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%212-513 8172;...
Hotel Nomade Terrace Bar ( p172 )
Java Studio ( p173 )
Café Meşale ( p173 )
Set Üstü Çay Bahçesi ( p173 )
Leb-i Derya Richmond ( p176 )
Leyla ( p176 )
Mikla ( p176 )
Nu Teras ( p176 )
360 ( p176 )
The raft of nargileh joints at Tophane ( p174 )
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