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Minami-za (p142)
Kyoto Cinema (p143)
Orizzonte (p140)
Metro (p141)
Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba (p141)
A-Bar (p140)

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Bar, Café
%525-0585; Shirakawa Nawate; drinks from ¥500;
h11am-11pm; b5min walk from Shijō Station,


Keihan line

Kyoto has an astounding variety of bars, from
exclusive Gion clubs, where it’s possible to
spend ¥100,000 in a single evening, to grungy
gaijin (foreigner) bars. Most bars are concentrated in Downtown Kyoto (Map p50), around
Kawaramachi-dōri and Kiyamachi-dōri. For
something a little more upscale than the bars
and pubs listed in this section, try one of the
bars in any of Kyoto’s upmarket hotels (see
the boxed text, below).
It would be crazy to come all the way to
Japan and not sing karaoke! If you shy away
from karaoke back home, where singing on

Some of the best bars in Kyoto are inside hotels. These
are usually very easy to enter and you will have no
communication problems. Here are our favourites:
Orizzonte (Map p50) In the Kyoto Hotel Ōkura
(p149); this is a restaurant by day, lounge by night,
usually from 8.30pm to 11pm). The view over
Kyoto is stunning.
Sekisui (Map p50) Open from 5pm until 1am,
this bar on the basement floor of the Hotel Fujita
Kyoto (p149) looks out over water falling onto
stones (hence the name, which means ‘stone and
Tōzan Bar (Map p62) We love this cosy and cool
underground retreat below the Hyatt Regency
Kyoto (p152), one of Kyoto’s best hotels. It’s worth
a visit just to marvel at the design.


stage is the norm, you’ll feel much more comfortable in Kyoto, where the ‘karaoke box’ is
king. Here, you and your friends get a small
room and karaoke system to yourselves.
Yes, you can also dance the night away in
the cultural heart of Japan and give the temples and shrines a miss the next day while you
sleep off your hangover. Most clubs charge
an admission fee of ¥2000, which usually
includes a drink or two.

A-BAR Map p50


%213-2129; Nishikiyamachi-dōri; drinks from
¥350; h5pm-midnight; b10min walk from

Sanjō Station, Keihan line
This is a raucous student izakaya with a logcabin interior located in the Kiyamachi area.
There’s a big menu to choose from and
everything’s cheap. The best part comes
when they add up the bill – you’ll swear
they’ve undercharged you by half. It’s a little tough to find – look for the small blackand-white sign at the t...
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Minami-za ( p142 )
Kyoto Cinema ( p143 )
Orizzonte ( p140 )
Metro ( p141 )
Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba ( p141 )
A-Bar ( p140 )
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