Modern Coin Magic

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By J.B. Bobo
Edited by John Braun
Illustrated by Nelson C. Hahne
To My Great Grandfather
JEAN BEAUBEAUX who, when he immigrated to America,
was induced to spell his name BOBO the way Beaubeaux
is pronounced in French.

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J.B. Bobo's

Modern Coin Magic
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J. B. Bobo
Prologue--Of Coins and Conjuring
Scot On Monie, 1584
I Coin Concealments: Palms, Holds, Clips
II Basic Technique: Switches, Flips, Change-Over,
III Coin Vanishes
IV Complete Coin Vanishes: Palm, Pocket,
Sucker, Hanks, Envelope
V Quick Tricks: 27 Tricks
VI Cuffing
VII The Art of Sleeving
VIII Coins Across
IX Coin Classics: 34 Tricks
X Coin Boxes
XI Trick Coin Trickery: 27 Tricks
XII Shell and Folding Half: 18 Tricks
XIII Stage Coin Magic: 5 Tricks
XIV The Miser's Dream: Robert-Houdin, Downs,
Harrison, Whitford
XV The Stanley Collins Section
XVI Routines: 18 Routined Coin Acts

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J.B. Bobo's

Modern Coin Magic
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THE purpose of this volume is to present to the magical fraternity a complete
treatise on sleight of hand coin conjuring. Little has been written on the subject,
and much of that is scattered throughout dozens of books and magazines.
Because of this, it has been difficult for the student to obtain all the information
necessary to his becoming a proficient coin worker. This deficiency in magical
literature has long been recognized, but little has been done about it. In recent
years there have appeared a few books devoted partly to coin magic but none
has filled the necessary need adequately.
The actual work on this book began over two and a half years ago with the
collecting of material. I contacted dozens of magicians noted for their ability as
close-up workers and, with few exceptions, all complied enthusiastically by
contributing choice material. The result of combining the contributions of four
dozen magicians with my own is the book you now hold in your hands.
Of course, not all the material in this book is new. It is not intended to be. The
purpose, as mentioned in the beginning, is to cover the subject of sleight of hand
coin magic in all its practical aspects. To do this it has been necessary to include
many of the standard principles of the past. However, all out-of-date or
otherwise impractical sleights have been eliminated. Only the best and most
useful have been retained. To these basic principles have been added many new
and revolutionary ideas, all...
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