Search Engine Optimization an hour a day

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Praise for Search Engine Optimization:
An Hour a Day
This is a fantastic resource for any busy person suddenly responsible for getting a
website ranked in search engines. The book starts off with the very basics and builds
quickly to a surprisingly deep level of sophistication. Tightly written and to the point,
it gives you the knowledge you need to make a big difference in how your site appears
in search engines. In addition to all the very specific recommendations on what to
do, the authors give you the background to understand why their techniques work. I
highly recommend it.
—Rafael Baptista, SEO Specialist, Tripadvisor.com
Authors Gradiva Couzin and Jennifer Grappone give practical advice on SEO topics
ranging from basic keyword research to more sophisticated technical SEO concepts,
and lucky for the reader, they’ve added a nice dose of humor into what otherwise
might be a dry topic!
The book is a terrific entrée into the Social and Mobile Web, framing the conversation in a way that is informative and helpful without being overwhelming. I have no
hesitation recommending it to anyone new to the industry!
—A ndy Beal, Coauthor of Radically Transparent; Founder and Editor of
Gradiva and Jennifer stuff their new and improved 3rd edition with pearls of wisdom,
practical advice, and rock-solid SEO knowledge. If you read even half of the book you’ll
be an SEO star. Imagine what will happen if you read the whole thing! Buy it now!
—Avinash Kaushik, Author of Web Analytics 2.0 and Google Analytics
This book is a supremely well-organized tactical roadmap to help anyone tackle
search engine optimization, step-by-step.
—Rebecca Lieb, Author of The Truth About Search Engine Optimization
SEO: An Hour a Day is an immediately actionable guerilla field guide for small businesses, corporate in-house marketers, and solo practitioners. I like the step-by-step,
easy to understand approach. Gradiva and Jennifer have a terrific grip on what real
SEO practitioners should undertake short, mid, and long term. This book literally
teaches a daily SEO process, making search engine optimization a way of life, hour
by hour.
—Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear

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Your brand is what Google says it is! You exist only if your customers find you in
search. Will you find the hour a day to help yourself be found or will you let your
competitors have the advantage? This excell...
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