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1.1 Project Concept Overview

The objective of Phase 1 is to introduce a new project idea or next-generation idea, to gain agreement on the idea’s relevance to the company’s strategic direction, to produce a project road map, and for the executive staff to receive a snapshot of the estimated costs and revenue so they can decide if it is beneficial for the company to develop this project.
Phase 1 is broken into two steps. The first step is to identify an idea and present it to management so it can be reviewed for acceptability. The second step is to briefly analyze the idea to see if it is viable.
Many projects are simply part of standard operating procedures. These projects tend to be software updates and rollouts of new hardware. Many companies have a timetable by which they live. This timetable outlines what software and hardware will be updated and how often. For existing applications this is a very effective strategy to ensure that current applications and equipment are managed efficiently. One of the black holes of many companies is identifying where new projects come from. Many times a senior executive identifies a new trend and spearheads an initiative to execute on this trend throughout the company. Other projects are a reaction to competitors or industry issues. Some projects bubble up from the Help Desk or from employee complaints. Many times a project will find its way into IT after a renegade department purchases hardware and software and then needs IT to manage the project. In short a Project Concept can come from anywhere. This chapter outlines one foolproof process that can be used to identify the viability of a Project Concept.
Once there is initial approval, a Phase 1 lead person is assigned to report to executive staff on the scope, cost, and relevance of the proposed project. Management will decide who the Phase 1 lead person is. The Phase 1 lead person can come from any discipline within the company, can have multiple responsibilities, and can become the Project Manager. Typically the Phase 1 lead person will come from a business development group or within the IT organization. A lead technical person will also be identified. The Phase 1 lead person will provide the technical lead person with his or her assessment of the user base and the proposed features. The technical lead will need to create an estimated schedule.
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