Constitutional law

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Ta Diu Thuong, LLM
International University - HCMC National University

Constitution is a supreme codified
written legal document in which
defines: fundamental political
establishes: the structure, procedures,
powers and duties of a government;
provides and guarantees certain rights
to the people

1.Is the most significant branch of
Vietnamese legal system. It’s also direct
source of other branches;
2. Comprises of all legal regulations, starting
from highest law (Constitution) to the lower
ones relating to its subject matter;
3. Subject matter: basic social relations
related to State power such as: political &
economic foundations, basic rights and
obligations of citizens, State administrative
apparatus, and other rights arising from
state’s sovereignty, rights to change and
establish foundations of legal system...
4. Supreme legal document - Constitution

Constitutional law - HISTORY
Ancient time:
2300 BC - Code of Justice: issued by the
Sumerian King of Lagash. It allowed and
protected some rights to his citizens,
providing certain regulations on its
political regime.
Hamurabi Code (1760 BC) – a
collection of laws in Babylon that still
well reserved until today. It contains
legal regulations and political-economic

Constitutional law - HISTORY

First codified Constitution: Twelve Tables. 
Single code until the Codex Theodosianus 
(AD 438); 
Eastern Empire adopts the Codex repetitæ pr
ælectionis (A.D. 534). It was highly influential 
throughout Europe.

Constitutional law - HISTORY
Midle East - Asia (Acient time)
Ancient India (3s-BC) “The Eddicts of Ashoka”
constitutional principles for Maurya king's rule.
Japan: 604 BC, Seventeen-article Constitution,
reportedly by Prince Shōtoku. One of the earliest in
the region. Influenced by budidsh teachings, this
focuses more on social morality, with little concerns
on institutions of Govt
Muslim: 622 AC, Constitution of Medina, drafted by
the prophet of Islam Muhamad*. One of the earliest
constitutions which guarantees basic rights to
religions and adherents as well as reinforcing a
judiciary process regarding the rules of warfare, tax
and civil disputes.

Middle Age
England, 1215: King John adopted
Magna Carta. Most important principle
(article 39) “the King was not permitted
to imprison, outlaw, exile or kill anyone
at a whim — there must be due process
of law first”
China, 1375:...
Ta Diu Thuong, LLM
International University - HCMC National University
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