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Labour Code 2002

Luật Lao Động

Authored by: Eht Emimotnap

Eht Emimotnap


Labour Code 2002
(Amended and supplemented in 2002)
Article 1
The present Labour Code regulates the labour
relationship between the wage earning worker and his
employer, and the social relationships directly
connected with this labour relationship.
Article 2
This Code applies to all workers, and organizations or
individuals employing workers under a labour contract in
all economic sectors and all forms of ownership.
This Code also applies to trainees and apprentices,
domestic helps, and other categories of workers
specified in this Code.
Article 3
Vietnamese citizens who work in enterprises with
foreign invested capital in Vietnam, in foreign or
international bodies and organizations operating in the
territory of Vietnam, and foreign nationals who work in
Vietnamese enterprises or organizations, or for
Vietnamese individuals, operating in the territory of
Vietnam, shall be subject to the scope of application of
this Code and other provisions of the laws of Vietnam
except where the provisions of an international treaty to
which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory of
participant provide otherwise.
Article 4
The labour regime which applies to civil servants and
state employees, elected, appointed or assigned
officials, members of units of the people's armed
forces and police, members of mass organizations and
other political, social organizations, and members' of
cooperatives shall be governed by other relevant
legislation, but a number of the provisions of this Code
shall be applied to the above mentioned categories,
according to each particular entity.
Article 5
1. Every person shall have the right to work, to choose
freely an employment and occupation, to learn a trade,
and to improve his professional skills without any
discrimination in respect of sex, race, social class, beliefs
or religion.
2. Maltreatment of workers and the use of forced
labour in whatever form are prohibited.
3. Any activity which generates employment, selfemployment, or teaches and helps to learn a skill or
trade for employment, and any production or business
activity employing a high number of workers shall be
encouraged by the State and shall enjoy favorable
conditions or assistance.
Article 6
An employee shall be a person of at least 15 years of
age who is able to work and has entered into a labour

Eht Emimotnap...
Labour Code 2002
Eht Emimotnap
Luật Lao Động
Authored by: Eht Emimotnap
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