Guideline for GPP of FIP publication 2011

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Annex 8

guidelines on good
pharmacy practice:
standards for
quality of pharmacy
1. Introduction
2. Underlying philosophy
3. Definition of good pharmacy practice
4. Requirements of good pharmacy practice
5. Setting standards for good pharmacy practice
6. Conclusions

Under the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Revised Drug Strategy adopted by
the World Health Assembly in 1986, WHO organized two meetings on the role of the
pharmacist, in Delhi, India in 1988 and in Tokyo, Japan in 1993. This was followed by the
adoption, in May 1994, of the World Health Assembly Resolution WHA47.12 on the role
of the pharmacist, in support of the WHO Revised Drug Strategy.
In 1992 the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) developed standards for
pharmacy services under the heading “Good pharmacy practice in community and
hospital pharmacy settings”. The text on good pharmacy practice was also submitted
to the WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations
in 1994. Following the recommendations of the WHO Expert Committee and the
endorsement of the FIP Council in 1997, the FIP/WHO joint document on good
pharmacy practice (GPP) was published in 1999 in the thirty-fifth report of the WHO
Expert Committee on Specifi cations for Pharmaceutical Preparations (WHO Technical
Report Series, No. 885).
Subsequently WHO organized two more meetings on the role of the pharmacist, in
Vancouver, Canada in 1997 and in the Hague, the Netherlands in 1998. These meetings
reinforced the need for pharmacy curricular reform and the added value of the
pharmacist in self-care and self-medication.
In collaboration with WHO, the fi rst edition of a practical handbook Developing
pharmacy practice — a focus on patient care was launched in 2006. This handbook is
designed to meet the changing needs of pharmacists, setting out a new paradigm for
pharmacy practice and presenting a step-by-step approach to pharmaceutical care.
With the overall aim of improving standards and practice of distribution and use
of medicines, using the FIP/WHO guidelines for GPP as the framework, FIP took the
initiative to explore the possibilities for providing technical assistance to its Member
Organizations in Cambodia, Moldova, Mongolia, Paraguay, Thailand, Uruguay and
Viet Nam, in developing national standards for GPP in a pilot study from 2005 to
2007. In 2007 the “Bangkok declaration on good pharmacy practice in the community
pharmacy settings” i...
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