Health and Safety in Welding and Allied Processes

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Health and Safety in Welding and Allied Processes

Jane Blunt and Nigel C Balchin

Published by Woodhead Publishing Limited, Abington Hall, Abington
Cambridge CB1 6AH, England
Published in North America by CRC Press LLC, 2000 Corporate Blvd, NW
Boca Raton FL 33431, USA
First published 1956, Institute of Welding
Revised and enlarged, July 1963
Second edition, 1965
Third edition, 1983, The Welding Institute
Fourth edition, 1991, Abington Publishing
Fifth edition, 2002, Woodhead Publishing Limited and CRC Press LLC
© 2002, Woodhead Publishing Limited
The authors have asserted their moral rights.
This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly
regarded sources. Reprinted material is quoted with permission, and
sources are indicated. Reasonable efforts have been made to publish
reliable data and information, but the authors and the publishers cannot
assume responsibility for the validity of all materials. Neither the authors
nor the publishers, nor anyone else associated with this publication, shall
be liable for any loss, damage or liability directly or indirectly caused or
alleged to be caused by this book.
Neither this book nor any part may be reproduced or transmitted in
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Woodhead Publishing or CRC Press for such copying.
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explanation, without intent to infringe.
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CRC Press ISBN 0-8493-1536-0
CRC Press order number: WP1536
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Printed by TJ International Ltd, Cornwall, England


This is the fifth edition of this work. It has been extensively revised
to take into account changes in technology and leg...
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