Professions and the public interest

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Professions and the public interest

Do professions subordinate their own self-interests to the public interest?
In Professions and the Public Interest Mike Saks develops a theoretical and
methodological framework for investigating this question, which has yet to be
analysed adequately by sociologists of the professions. The framework outlined
here will be invaluable in future research on the professions.
To demonstrate how this innovative framework can be applied, Mike Saks
focuses on health care and presents a case study of the response of the medical
profession to acupuncture in nineteenth and twentieth century Britain. He
argues that the predominant climate of medical rejection of acupuncture as a
form of alternative medicine has not only run counter to the public interest, but
also been heavily influenced by professional self-interest. He considers the
implications of the case study for the accountability of the medical profession
and makes broad recommendations about the direction of future research into
this academically and politically important issue.
Professions and the Public Interest will be of interest to a wide readership,
including sociologists of the professions and health care, and teachers and
students of social policy, politics, social history and medical sociology. It will
also appeal to orthodox health care professionals and to practitioners of
alternative medicine.
Mike Saks is Professor and Head of the School of Health and Life Sciences at
De Montfort University, Leicester.

Professions and the public
Medical power, altruism and
alternative medicine

Mike Saks

London and New York

First published 1995
by Routledge
11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE
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