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AngularJS Services

Design, build, and test services to create a solid
foundation for your AngularJS applications

Jim Lavin


AngularJS Services
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First published: August 2014

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Jim Lavin

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About the Author
Jim Lavin has been involved in software development for the past 30 years. He

is currently the CTO for one of the leading service providers of online ordering for
restaurants where his team uses AngularJS as a core part of their service offerings.
He is the coordinator of the Dallas/Fort Worth area's AngularJS meetup group,
and routinely gives presentations on AngularJS to other technology groups in the
Dallas/Fort Worth area.
I'd like to acknowledge all the people who have provided the
inspiration and support that made this book a reality.
To my father and mother, who taught me that there are no
limitations in...
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