Asp.net mvc 4 in action

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Jeffrey Palermo
Jimmy Bogard
Eric Hexter
Matthew Hinze
Jeremy Skinner

Phil Haack


Praise for Earlier Editions of
ASP.NET MVC in Action

An authoritative source on ASP.NET MVC 2. Pick up this book!
—Alessandro Gallo, Microsoft MVP
ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action is a good read and an invaluable reference.

—Derek Jackson, Software Architect, Harvard-Westlake
Learn MVC 2 from the people who helped shape it. Get ready for even more MVC
action in this excellent sequel.
—Alex Thissen, Killer-Apps
Hands-down the best MVC resource available! Written by the industry’s best and it
shows…so good you may need to buy two copies.
—Andrew Siemer, Software Architect, Lamps Plus
Fully explains fundamental MVC concepts and best development practices.
—Tetsuo Torigai, Developer, Torigai Consulting
This book doesn’t just explain how to use Microsoft’s MVC—it teaches practices that
help developers create more maintainable projects.
—Anne Epstein, Senior Consultant, Headspring
ASP.NET in Action is a must-read for anyone who is serious about developing with
the ASP.NET MVC framework.

—Steve Michelotti, Microsoft MVP, geekswithblogs.net
At merely 300 pages, ASP.NET MVC in Action is a true masterpiece…. The authors
are all considered rock stars in the ASP.NET community and they have opened the
doors to their concert with ASP.NET MVC in Action.
—Mohammad Azam, Microsoft MVP


Praise for Earlier Editions of
ASP.NET MVC in Action

This book does a good job of not only showing you what to do, it also provides
cautionary words to avoid poor practices that may lead to maintenance issues on
non-trivial applications.
—Venkat Subramanian, NoFluffJustStuff Blogs
I really enjoyed ASP.NET MVC in Action and highly recommend it for a fresh look at
the ASP.NET MVC framework.
—David Hayden, Microsoft MVP
ASP.NET MVC in Action will guide you from your first project through advanced
topics such as AJAX and deploying on suboptimal hosting environments. The writing

style is clear and concise. Diagrams and code examples are abundant. I recommend
it for anyone looking for a great resource for learning about or becoming a better user
of the ASP.NET MVC framework.
—Nathan Stott, Partner and Software Engineer, Whiteboard-IT
I’m very happy with this book. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested
in ASP.NET MVC. Getting beyond the text that comes with the CodeCampServer is
just icing on the cake.
—Chris Stewart, CompiledM...