Biztalk ESB Toolkit

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Microsoft BizTalk ESB
Toolkit 2.1

Discover innovative ways to solve your mission-critical
integration problems with the ESB Toolkit

Andrés Del Río Benito
Howard S. Edidin


Microsoft BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.1
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Andrés Del Río Benito

Project Coordinator
Deenar Satam

Howard S. Edidin

Mario Cecere

René Brauwers
Abdul Rafay
Jean-Paul Smit
Acquisition Editor

Hemangini Bari
Mariammal Chettiyar
Tejal R. Soni

Grant Mizen
Commissioning Editor

Valentina D'silva

Poonam Jain
Production Coordinator
Technical Editors

Melwyn D'sa

Vrinda Nitesh Bhosale
Dominic Pereira
Amit Ramadas

Cover Work
Melwyn D'sa

About the Authors
Andrés Del Río Benito has been working with BizTalk since 2004, and all the

way through all its versions until BizTalk 2010. Over the years, he has played the
role of developer, consultant, architect, and development lead in different projects,
and has also been the official BizTalk trainer for different teams across Accenture
CIO and Avanade Spain.
Apart from working with BizTalk, he has spent many years in the Avanade and
Accenture CIO Enterprise Architecture teams involved in different initiatives not
only around BizTalk but also many other technologies along the Microsoft Stack.
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