CCNA (Exam 640-802)

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Praise for Richard Deal’s CCNA Study Guide
As a CCIE and instructor, I can personally assure you that the importance of learning
the fundamentals cannot be stressed enough. I have instructed certification candidates
who were preparing for every level of Cisco certification, from CCNA up to CCIE.
Those individuals who took the time to learn the essential technologies have always
had a much greater chance of success, both in pursuing certifications and working
“real life” in the field. This book is a wonderful tool to help you learn about Cisco
In the years I have known Richard Deal, he has repeatedly impressed me with his
technical knowledge and teaching ability. Every time we work together on a project,
Richard takes complex subjects and presents them in a way that is understandable.
He has a unique ability to enable people to understand complex technical content.
Richard has found a way to impress me again by efficiently covering Cisco’s large list of
exam topics for the new CCNA exams.
This book is much more than the bound paper you are holding in your hands. It
contains the Boson NetSim Limited Edition and corresponding labs that are included
for critical hands-on experience. The practice exam included on the CD by Richard
uses the Boson Exam Engine with the latest in simulation technology. I would
recommend taking advantage of the Boson NetSim upgrade and ExSim-Max practice
exams prior to your exam date. This will give you maximum exposure to the new
In summary, this book and its enclosed CD-ROM will be a great resource to
those preparing for Cisco certification and to those who want to master essential
technologies. It will remain accurate reference material about Cisco networking for
years to come.
Bryan Baize
CCIE 16139

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CCNA Cisco Certified
Network Associate
Study Guide


(Exam 640-802)
Richard Deal

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