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Lab 1.3.8: Getting to Know Windows
Estimated Time: 10 Minutes
Upon completion of this lab, the student will have been introduced to the proper way of
shutting down Windows and navigating the Windows interface, as well as using Windows
Help features.
The following equipment is required for this exercise:

Lab computer with Windows 98 installed

In order to help a friend out with Windows, the student will need to become more familiar
with the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Knowing how to use the Windows interface will help in nearly any job today. Most
computers in the workplace have a version of Microsoft Windows installed on them. To
work in a Windows environment, the user should have a firm grasp of several skills.
Examples include resizing windows, creating and deleting icons, working with files and
folders, and navigating the Start button (Shutdown, Run, Search, Settings, Documents,
and Programs).
Step 1
If the lab computer is not already on, boot it up now. If you are prompted for a login name
and password when Windows has booted, use the username and password assigned by
the instructor.
Step 2
At the Windows Desktop, become familiar with the Windows interface in order to make
troubleshooting faster and easier. Take a minute to click the Start button and look
through the items that are listed in the menu.
What options are listed under the Find menu?


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HP IT Essentials I v3.1 - Lab 1.3.8

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Step 3
Try running the Calculator program by selecting Start > Programs > Accessories >
Calculator. Enter a few simple test calculations to see how it works. Try using both the
mouse and the numeric keypad. When finished, click the X on the top right corner of the
Calculator program to close it.
Step 4
Now try the help system that is built into Windows. Help is organized into separate books,
and includes a search feature so that specific topics can be located quickly. To begin,
click on the Start button and then click Help. This will open a window with a list of
categories that outline the major areas that Help covers.
Click on the Search tab, and enter one or more words relating to the topic that needs
research. Do a search for the word “resize”.
After completing a s...
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