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Jeremy Keith


Copyright © 2010 by Jeremy Keith
All rights reserved
Publisher: Jeffrey Zeldman
Designer: Jason Santa Maria
Editor: Mandy Brown
Technical Editor: Ethan Marcotte
Copyeditor: Krista Stevens
ISBN 978-0-9844425-0-8
A Book Apart
New York, New York




chapter 1

A Brief History of Markup
chapter 2

The Design of HTML5
chapter 3

Rich Media
chapter 4

Web Forms 2.0
chapter 5

chapter 6

Using HTML5 Today

When Mandy Brown, Jason Santa Maria and I formed A Book
Apart, one topic burned uppermost in our minds, and there
was only one author for the job.
Nothing else, not even “real fonts” or CSS3, has stirred the
standards-based design community like the imminent arrival
of HTML5. Born out of dissatisfaction with the pacing and
politics of the W3C, and conceived for a web of applications
(not just documents), this new edition of the web’s lingua
franca has in equal measure excited, angered, and confused
the web design community.
Just as he did with the DOM and JavaScript, Jeremy Keith has
a unique ability to illuminate HTML5 and cut straight to what
matters to accessible, standards-based designer-developers.
And he does it in this book, using only as many words and
pictures as are needed.
There are other books about HTML5, and there will be many
more. There will be 500 page technical books for application
developers, whose needs drove much of HTML5’s development. There will be even longer secret books for browser
makers, addressing technical challenges that you and I are
blessed never to need to think about.
But this is a book for you—you who create web content, who
mark up web pages for sense and semantics, and who design
accessible interfaces and experiences. Call it your user guide
to HTML5. Its goal—one it will share with every title in the
forthcoming A Book Apart catalog—is to shed clear light on a
tricky subject, and do it fast, so you can get back to work.
—Jeffrey Zeldman



html is the unifying language of the World Wide Web.
Using just the simple tags it contains, the human race has created an astoundingly diverse network of hyperlinked documents, from Amazon, eBay, and Wikipedia, to personal blogs
and websites dedicated to cats that look like Hitler.
HTML5 is the latest iteration of this lingua franca. While it is
the most ambitious change to our common tongue, this isn’t
the first tim...
Jeremy Keith
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