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Learning PHP Data Objects

A Beginner's Guide to PHP Data Objects, Database
Connection Abstraction Library for PHP 5

Dennis Popel


Learning PHP Data Objects
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First published: September 2007

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ISBN 978-1-847192-66-0

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About the Author
Dennis Popel is an experienced PHP/PHP 5 developer currently working for an

Australian web development company, Motive Media ().
Serving Sun Microsystems Australia, Luna Park Sydney, Alsco Holdings, and Pine
Solutions, among others, Dennis leads company development of proprietary,
web-based, software solutions. In his spare time, he runs the  blog
and works on an online RSS aggregator newzmix.com.
Dennis Popel has been developing with PHP for more than 5 years and is
experienced in such fields as object-oriented design and MVC. Previously he has
worked at Rapid Intelligence, another Australian-based web company, publisher of...
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