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Drupal 7 Themes

Create new themes for your Drupal 7 site with a clean
layout and powerful CSS styling

Ric Shreves


Drupal 7 Themes
Copyright © 2011 Packt Publishing

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First published: May 2011

Production Reference: 1190511

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.
32 Lincoln Road
Birmingham, B27 6PA, UK.
ISBN 978-1-849512-76-3

Cover Image by Faustino Perez (faustperez@yahoo.es)


Ric Shreves
Sivaji Ganesh
Acquisition Editor
Sarah Cullington
Development Editor
Maitreya Bhakal
Technical Editors
Sakina Kaydawala
Prashant Macha
Manasi Poonthottam

Project Coordinator
Joel Goveya
Lynda Sliwoski
Hemangini Bari
Production Coordinator
Adline Swetha Jesuthas
Cover Work
Adline Swetha Jesuthas

About the Author
Ric Shreves is one of the founding partners of water&stone, an interactive agency

that specializes in open source web content management systems. Ric has been
building CMS websites for over 10 years and during that time he has been involved
in projects for a number of global brands, including BASF, BearingPoint, ColgatePalmolive, Tesco Lotus, FPDSavills CBRichard Ellis, Mercy Corps, and many others.
Ric has published a number of books on open source in general and on open source
content management systems in particular. Past work includes books on Mambo,
Drupal, Joomla!, and Ubuntu. This is his third installment in the Drupal Themes series
for Packt Publishing.
Ric lives in Bali with his wife and business partner, Nalisa.
I would like to th...
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