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About the Authors
Stacy Prowell  is a senior research scientist in the Cyberspace Sciences and Information Intelligence Research Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL),
where he conducts research on cyber security.
Prior to joining ORNL, Stacy worked for the well-known CERT program at Carnegie Mellon University on automated reverse engineering and malware classification.
As an industry consultant, Stacy has worked on projects ranging from small, embedded devices to large, distributed, real-time systems and has managed a variety of
software development projects. Stacy is a cofounder of Software Silver Bullets, LLC,
a company that develops tools to support rigorous software engineering methods.
Stacy holds a PhD from the University of Tennessee and is a senior member of
the IEEE and a member of the ACM and Sigma Xi. As this book was being written, Stacy and his family moved to Tennessee, where they now reside. He thanks
his family, ­ ditors, coauthors, and employers for their amazing patience during this
crazy time.
Mike Borkin  (CCIE#319568, MCSE) is a director at PigDragon Security, a computer security consulting company, and an internationally known speaker and author.
In his professional life, he has worked on developing strategies and securing the
infrastructures of many different Fortune 500 companies at both an architectural and
engineering level. He has spoken at conferences in both the United States and Europe
for various industry groups including SANS, The Open Group, and RSA. This is his
third book, having also contributed to Seven Deadliest Microsoft Attacks (Syngress,
ISBN: 978-1-59749-551-6) and coauthored Windows Vista® Security for Dummies®.
Mike wishes to thank the coauthors and editors of this book for their dedication
and all the hard work that went into bringing it to fruition. He wants to thank his Phi
Kappa Tau brothers from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!) and say that without
that brotherhood and the 20+ years of friendship with Stacy Prowell, he would probably be just a janitor. He also wants to thank his family and friends for putting up
with him during the process, and especially Melissa (||) for what she has to deal with
on an everyday basis. He especially hopes that the information in this book provides
you with a better understanding of how to secure network environments while still
taking the time to entertain.
Rob Kraus  (CISSP, CEH, MCSE) is a Senior Security Consultant for Solutionary,
Inc. Rob is responsible...
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