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Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server

David Smiley
Eric Pugh

Chapter No. 3
"Indexing Data"

In this package, you will find:
A Biography of the authors of the book
A preview chapter from the book, Chapter NO.3 "Indexing Data"
A synopsis of the book’s content
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About the Authors
Born to code, David Smiley is a senior software developer and loves programming. He
has 10 years of experience in the defense industry at MITRE, using Java and various web
technologies. David is a strong believer in the opensource development model and has
made small contributions to various projects over the years.
David began using Lucene way back in 2000 during its infancy and was immediately
excited by it and its future potential. He later went on to use the Lucene based "Compass"
library to construct a very basic search server, similar in spirit to Solr. Since then, David
has used Solr in a major search project and was able to contribute modifications back to
the Solr community. Although preferring open source solutions, David has also been
trained on the commercial Endeca search platform and is currently using that product as
well as Solr for different projects.

For More Information:

Most, if not all, authors seem to dedicate their book to someone. As
simply a reader of books, I have thought of this seeming prerequisite
as customary tradition. That was my feeling before I embarked on
writing about Solr, a project that has sapped my previously "free"
time on nights and weekends for a year. I chose this sacrifice and
would not change it, but my wife, family, and friends did not choose
it. I am married to my lovely wife Sylvie who has sacrificed easily as
much as I have to complete this book. She has suffered through this
time with an absentee husband while bearing our first child—Camille.
She was born about a week before the completion of my first draft and
has been the apple of my eye ever since. I officially dedicate this book
to my wife Sylvie and my daughter Camille, whom I both lovingly
adore. I also pledge to read book dedications with newfound firsthand
experience at what the dedication represents.
I would also like to thank others who helped bring this book to fruition.
Namely, if it were not for Doug Cutting creating Lucene with an open
source license, there would be no Solr. Furthermore, CNet's decision to
open source what was an in-house project, Solr itself in 2006, deserves...
Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server
David Smiley
Eric Pugh
Chapter No. 3
"Indexing Data"
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