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ZuniDigital Travel Connect
Portable Wireless Router
with USB Charging Station

User’s Guide

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Table of Contents
Retail Package Contents…..2
Safety Information…..2
Product Overview…..3
Key Features…..4
Other Features…..4
Setup Instructions
Router Mode…..5
WISP Mode…..10
Charging Station…..16
Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions…..18
Travel Router Specific…..18
USB Charging Station Specific…..18
Troubleshooting Information
Router Mode…..21
WISP Mode…..22
Charging Station…..22
Technical Specifications…..24
Warranty Information…..26
FCC Certification Information…..27

Congratulations on your purchase of the ZuniDigital Travel Connect. Before installing and using this innovative
product, please read this user’s guide thoroughly, and retain it for future use. This user’s guide will explain how
to setup and use the travel router / USB charging station.

Retail Package Contents
ZuniConnect Travel Router PREMIUM™
Power Adapter
Travel Case
Ethernet Cable (optional)
Quick Start Guide
User’s Guide

Safety Information
For indoor use and in dry locations only. To decrease the risk of electrical shock, unplug the travel router and
allow it to cool before cleaning.

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Product Overview
Designed for people on-the-go, this travel friendly device lets you create a secure wireless network whenever a
wired Broadband connection is available, and it also provides a convenient charging station for portable
electronic devices like: cell phones, smart phones, tablet / pad computers, e-readers, MP3 players, digital
cameras, and portable gaming systems.
Convenient & Easy-to-Use High Speed Wireless Routing
This high-speed wireless router allows Internet ready devices a convenient way to connect to and share a wired
Broadband connection. This is especially convenient for smartphones, tablet PC’s, and e-reader users since
most of these products lack a traditional RJ-45 Ethernet port needed to plug in a network cable. Utilizing patent
pending Intelli+IP technology, this device easily creates a reliable and secure wireless network from a wired
Broadband connection. Once established, users can connect multiple devices to a personal Wi-Fi Hotspot, which
is useful for tradeshows, hotel rooms, or anywhere multiple users need to share an Internet connection.
Smart USB Charging Station
Our patent pending process, incorporating smart power charging technology, permits the simultaneous charging
of multiple devices such as a smart pho...
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ZuniDigital Travel Connect
Portable Wireless Router
with USB Charging Station
User’s Guide
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