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Programmer to Programmer


Inside ASP.NET
Web Matrix
Alex Homer and Dave Sussman

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Inside ASP.NET Web Matrix

Alex Homer
Dave Sussman

Wrox Press Ltd. 

Inside ASP.NET Web Matrix
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Alex Homer
Dave Sussman
Commissioning Editor
Daniel Kent
Technical Editor
Daniel Richardson

Managing Editor
Viv Emery
Production Coordinator &
Natalie O'Donnell

About the Authors
Alex Homer is a computer geek and Web developer with a passion for ASP.NET. Although he has to spend some time doing real
work (a bit of consultancy and training, and the occasional conference session), most of his days are absorbed in playing with the
latest Microsoft Web technology and then writing about it. Living in the picturesque wilderness of the Derbyshire Dales in
England, he is well away from the demands of the real world – with only an Internet connection to maintain some distant
representation of normality. But, hey, what else could you want from life?
You can contact Alex through his own software company, Stonebroom Limited: alex@stonebroom.com.
Dave Sussman is a hacker in the traditional sense of the word. That's someone who likes playing with code and working out how
things work, which is why he spends much of his life working with beta software. Luckily this coincides with writing about new
technologies, giving him an output for his poor English ...
Programmer to Programmer
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Inside ASP.NET
Web Matrix
Alex Homer and Dave Sussman
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