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Probability & Statistics
for Engineers & Scientists

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Probability & Statistics for
Engineers & Scientists


Ronald E. Walpole
Roanoke College

Raymond H. Myers
Virginia Tech

Sharon L. Myers
Radford University

Keying Ye
University of Texas at San Antonio

Prentice Hall

Editor in Chief: Deirdre Lynch
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Probability & statistics for engineers & scientists/Ronald E. Walpole . . . [et al.] — 9th ed.
p. cm.
ISBN 978-0-321-62911-1
1. Engineering—Statistical methods. 2. Probabilities. I. Walpole, Ronald E.
TA340.P738 2011
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ISBN 10: 0-321-62911-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-321-62911-1

This book is dedicated to

Billy and Julie
R.H.M. and S.L.M.
Limin, Carolyn and Emily

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