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©2009 Robert G. Allen in conjunction with Cash in a Flash


By Robert G. Allen

Thanks for reading our book Cash in a Flash: Fast Money in Slow Times. In several places
throughout Cash in a Flash, we’ve encouraged readers to download the many bonus items we’ve
deposited at  for our book readers. One of those bonus items is this
document: Cash in a Flash 90 Day BluePrints.
Before you activate these BluePrints, we encourage you to finish reading the book and complete the
“Wax on/Wax off” assignments you were given at the end of each chapter. When you’ve reached the
last page, you’ll be ready to get started with this document.
Have you ever needed to earn some fast money? Everyone has!
Will you ever need to earn some serious cash or emergency money in the future? Certainly!
Could you use some fast cash right now? Absolutely!
Just to make sure…how many of the following questions can you answer with a “yes?”
___Do you need to make some serious money fast?
___Do you have a major expense coming due without a plan to pay for it?
___Did you just lose a job and need to replace income ASAP?
___Are you worried you MIGHT lose your job and working on your Plan B?
___Do you have a mortgage payment coming due….or past due?
___Do you have a kid going to college and you’ve procrastinated until it’s almost too late?
___Did the economy fall off a cliff and leave you hanging by your fingernails?
___Do you want the security of knowing how to make fast cash for a future emergency?
___Do you want to make some fast cash now?
___Is this your year? Are you ready to double or triple your income this year?
___Did a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just drop into your lap and you need some
capital to take advantage of it?
___Are you ready to make a major move toward your dream lifestyle?
___Do you just like the sound of “fast cash in slow times.”
___Are you just curious what these two famous millionaire-makers have up their sleeves?
___Do you know someone who could answer “yes” to any of the above questions?
Cash in a Flash contains information that can help you create the cash you need and want. It’s much
easier than you might imagine—and can happen faster than you might think. It could take as little as
24 hours or long as 24 months. You have money making opportunities all around you that are hidden
in plain sight.
The focus of Cash in a Flash is the “low hanging fruit” in your financial life. We’re not talking about
the o...
©2009 Robert G. Allen in conjunction with Cash in a Flash
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