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SolidCAM + SolidWorks
The complete integrated Manufacturing Solution


The Leaders in Integrated CAM

SolidCAM + SolidWorks = The Complete Integrated Manufacturing Solution

The Leaders in Integrated CAM

SolidCAM	4
2.5D Milling	


Feature Recognition	


High Speed SURFACE Machining (HSS)	


3D Milling	


High Speed Machining (HSM)	


MULTI-Sided Machining	


SIm. 5-axis Machining	


Turning	34
Mill-Turn	38
Wire Cut	


System requirements	


Training Materials	



SolidCAM 2012 - The cutting edge
•	 Don’t go for less. Go for Gold.
SolidCAM is the de-facto standard Gold-Certified integrated CAM-Engine
for SolidWorks. SolidCAM provides seamless, single-window integration and
full associativity to the SolidWorks design model. All machining operations
are defined, calculated and verified, without leaving the SolidWorks window.

SolidCAM is widely used in the mechanical manufacturing, electronics,
medical, consumer products, machine design, automotive and aerospace
industries, as well as in mold and die and rapid prototyping shops.
Today successful manufacturing companies are using integrated CAD/
CAM systems to get to market faster and reduce costs. With SolidCAM’s
seamless single-window integration in SolidWorks, any size organization
can reap the benefits of the integrated SolidWorks and SolidCAM
solution. SolidWorks  +  SolidCAM is the Dream-Team for design and
SolidCAM supports the complete set of manufacturing technologies.
Following is a brief description of the main SolidCAM modules.

SolidCAM + SolidWorks = The Complete Integrated Manufacturing Solution

The Leaders in Integrated CAM

•	 2.5D Milling

SolidCAM provides both interactive and automated powerful 2.5D milling
operations on SolidWorks models. SolidCAM offers one of the best
pocketing algorithms in the market. Full tool path control and powerful
algorithms ensure that the user can manufacture the way he needs to.
Operations can be easily re-ordered, rotated, mirrored, etc. SolidCAM’s
automatic feature-recognition and machining module automates the
manufacturing of parts with multiple pockets, multiple drills and complex
All your needs for successful production machining are provided directly
inside SolidWorks with an easy and straightforward interface. SolidCAM
is successfully used in production environments by thousands of
manufacturing companies and job shops.
•	 High Speed Surface Machining (HSS)

SolidCAM + SolidWorks
The complete integrated Manufacturing Solution
The Leaders in Integrated CAM
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