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Baerlocher Additives

Metallic stearates

we add character to plastics

We add character to plastics

Plastics open new avenues for the future. Additives essentially
determine properties and quality of the end product. As a
global leader in additive supply, Baerlocher has for more than
50 years been successfully providing support to the plastics
industry by developing and manufacturing high-quality
plastics additives.
Baerlocher products
· Baerorapid
· Baeropan
· Baerolub
· Baerostab
· Baerocid
· Baeropol
· Ceasit, Zincum
· Baerodur

Thirteen production sites in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, the United States, Malaysia, India, Korea, Brazil,
Peru and Argentina as well as a sales network covering more than 40 countries make the Baerlocher group of
companies a strong partner. This global presence and more than 1200 employees worldwide make sure that we are
always close to the customer. Future-oriented, we are continuously investing in research and development. A large
number of in-house research scientists and technical experts ensure our considerable creative potential and
innovative power. Baerlocher has R + D facilities in Germany (München-Unterschleissheim), France (Marseille), Italy
(Lodi), the United States (Dover, Ohio) and India (Mumbai).

Environmentally sound production processes as well as the safety and protection of people and environment are key
corporate goals. As a globally active group of companies we are aware of our responsibility, regardless of time or
place. We are committed to the principles of “Responsible Care”: Our quality management is certified to ISO 9001
and our environmental management system to ISO 14001, encouraging our employees to work together in a
responsible way. This policy will not least benefit our customers.


Metallic stearates are compounds of long-chain fatty acids with metals of different valencies. The most important
metallic stearates, in terms of quantity, are the metallic stearates of aluminium, calcium, magnesium and zinc.
The main advantage is their manifold range of use.
The most important ones are: lubricating properties, separating properties, water repellence, gelling capacity,
stabilising effect, foam inhibition, acid scavenger.
Baerlocher metallic stearates are available in different product forms: as fine powders with a large surface, as
prills, as flakes, as pastilles, as AV-granules, as rodlike-granules.

Baerlocher SPA-additives
highest quality
variety of...
Baerlocher Additives
Metallic stearates
we add character to plastics
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