Creating Opportunity in East Asia and the Pacific

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Creating Opportunity
in East Asia and the Pacific

Climate Change


Message from the
Regional Vice President
Reducing poverty and fighting climate change are two of
the greatest challenges facing our world today. In East Asia
and the Pacific in particular – home to two of the world’s
largest greenhouse gas emitters – we cannot tackle poverty
without responding to the threat of climate change.
For IFC, the member of the World Bank Group focused on
private sector development in emerging markets, addressing
these two challenges goes hand-in-hand.
Large emitters like China and Indonesia need help in
managing their economic growth such that they can
continue to lift millions out of poverty while helping to
protect the global climate. And many countries in East Asia
and the Pacific need tools to adapt to a more challenging
environment. In the Pacific, rising temperatures and sea
levels endanger the livelihoods of fishermen and farmers,
and threaten the very existence of extremely low-lying
islands such as Tuvalu and Kiribati.
This is why, over the last decade, IFC has been offering
solutions in clean energy, energy efficiency, and cleaner
production. We develop new business models and financing
instruments that open up business opportunities for
companies while helping to cut carbon emissions. We set
and improve environmental and social standards for the
private sector, leveraging labor and social capital, and
preventing the loss of biodiversity.
Climate change cannot be managed without strong
engagement of the private sector. The UN Framework
Convention on Climate Change has estimated that more
than 80 percent of investments required for climate change
mitigation and adaptation will have to be privately financed.



Between fiscal years 2008 and 2010, IFC invested around $1 billion in climate-related
projects in East Asia and the Pacific. We direct financing towards private sector projects that
conserve or generate energy in an environmentally friendly way. We encourage local banks to
do the same by covering some of their risks when they invest in climate-friendly projects, such
as improving energy efficiency in cement plants, steel mills, farms, and others.
Going forward, IFC is pioneering financial solutions for the prudent management of water
resources in China and elsewhere in East Asia, where water scarcity as a result of climate
change is a growing development challenge. Conflict over water is a significant social and
corporate risk t...
Creating Opportunity
in East Asia and the Pacific
Climate Change
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