Model 220 AAS

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SpectrAA 220/880


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The world’s best family of Zeeman AAS

Varian, Inc. is a world leader in
instrumentation for atomic spectroscopy.
From our development of the first
components for atomic absorption
spectrometers in the 1950s to the recent
ground breaking Vista series of
simultaneous ICP emission spectrometers,
Varian, Inc. has over 40 years experience
of innovation and development in all
areas of atomic spectroscopy.



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Varian researchers developed the Zeeman
technique in the late 1960s and patented all
possible configurations in 1971. Since then,
three generations of Varian instrumentation
have consolidated SpectrAA Zeeman’s
reputation for excellence, sensitivity and
maximum performance with challenging
samples. The new generation of SpectrAA
Zeeman instruments continues this proud
tradition by offering the highest sensitivity,
performance, simplicity of operation and
industry leading software expected of a
worldwide leader in atomic spectroscopy.

The combination of a Constant Temperature
Zone graphite furnace, AC modulated
Transverse Zeeman background correction
and polynomial interpolation ensures
superior spectral interference correction
and maximum sample accuracy. In addition,
Varian’s low thermal mass graphite tubes
with their long atom cell and fixed 0.8
Tesla AC magnetic field maximizes sensitivity
without requiring complex optimization
of the field strength.
Productivity in the laboratory is also
improved with the use of Varian’s award
winning multi-tasking Worksheet software.
This advanced software combines the
familiar spreadsheet concept with the full
multi-tasking capabilities of the Windows®
operating system.
When combined with flexible accessory
options, the SpectrAA Zeeman series sets
the industry benchmarks for performance
without compromise.

The SpectrAA
Zeeman Family:
The economical
SpectrAA-220 Zeeman
and the high
performance research
grade SpectrAA-880



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Optical excellence




The first requirement of the Zeeman optics
is for a narrow, laser like optical image,
which is provided by the high-energy
hollow cathode lamps. This intense beam
is matched to the narrow furnace tube
profile and high efficiency surface
protected mirrors which transmit the beam.
This en...
SpectrAA 220/880
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