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10 Reasons to Consider UC Berkeley
While there are many more than ten reasons to include the University of California, Berkeley in
your college search, consider the following points of distinction. They combine to create one of
the premier teaching and research universities in the world.

1.	World-Class Faculty



As an undergraduate student, you can count
on finding yourself in a classroom with one of
the nation’s most distinguished professors.
Berkeley’s faculty includes 8 Nobel laureates,
135 members of the National Academy of
Sciences, 222 members of the Academy
of Arts and Sciences, 30 MacArthur Fellows,
74 Fulbright Scholars, 87 members of the
National Academy of Engineering, 362
Guggenheim Fellows, 12 National Medal of
Science Awardees, 110 Sloan Fellows, and 4
Pulitzer Prize winners. These faculty members
and their colleagues choose to teach and
study at Berkeley because of its long legacy
of innovative thinking, exceptional scholarship
and pioneering research.
While fully 90 percent of all undergraduate
classes are taught by tenured faculty, visiting
faculty and lecturers, it’s worth noting that
even the graduate students who serve as
Graduate Student Instructors on the Berkeley
campus are some of the top emerging
scholars in their fields.

3.	Diversity and Variety

4.	Over 100
	Undergraduate Majors

2.	World-Class Students

Undergraduates at UC Berkeley come
from the best of California’s high school
and community college students, and from
every state and some 106 foreign countries.
Among each entering class are scores of
AP Scholars, National Merit Finalists, high
school valedictorians, college scholars and
thousands of other students who have
demonstrated excellence in their academic and
extracurricular achievements. They are leaders,
amazing volunteers, very talented, and highly
respected individuals who serve their schools,
communities and families in numerous ways.

Berkeley students have a few things in common:
they’re all talented, engaged and have shown
their desire to meet academic challenge.
That’s where the similarities end. In fact,
Berkeley is remarkable in that no single racial,
ethnic or cultural group forms a majority of its
students. No particular political orientation,
socio-economic background or religious
preference dominates the others. The University
community believes that a broad diversity of
student experiences, backgrounds, i...
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