9 công cụ tốt nhất xây dựng Email Marketing

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The 9 Tools That

Collect 30,236
Emails In 6 Months

The Proof
We understand there are tons of fake gurus out
there trying to sell products or teach without any
real first hand experience.
This is not us. We run several online businesses
that thrive and pay our bills.
Here is a screenshot of our email marketing
system (Ontraport) showing the number of
emails we’ve collected in the last 6 months.
We’ve only hidden the emails for obvious privacy
concerns but you can clearly see by looking at the
“date added” column that we collect 100’s of
emails daily. All of them using the tools shared in
this document.

authorityhacker.com is a resource site where online
marketers, website owners and entrepreneurs come to learn
about things such as :
• Creating content that attracts buyers
• Promoting that content
• Converting the traffic into followers & buyers
If you’re new to Authority Hacker, feel free to click on one of
the links above to learn more about the topics that interest
you. We also share exclusive tips over on our various social
media chanels.

Most website owners focus on getting traffic to their website, they get excited when their
page views increase, when they rank higher on Google or when one of their post goes “viral”
on social media.
I don’t.
All I see when my traffic ramps up is higher server bills without any guarantee that we’ll make
more than a few pennies per click if the page has ads on it. Not exactly what’s going to pay my
next holiday to some exotic place.
However, when I see an increase in email subscriber, I know it almost always correlates with
increased revenue both in the short and long term and THAT gets me excited.
Why? Because I can keep talking to these people again and again, I can make mistakes and
still get back in touch and ultimately I can sell them on my knowledge and earn their trust, all
of that on complete autopilot using a complex behavioural autoresponder system (more on
that later).

The tools we will share with you in this documents are the tools we use today to generate
hundreds of emails daily from our sites without spending a dime on PPC. We’ve spent
thousands of dollars and tried pretty much every tool on the market because at our level,
even a 1% uplift is worth thousands of dollars.
As a result we’ve been able to curate a list of the best tools in each category and you’ll be
surprised to see that some free or inexpensive tools actually outperform tools that
sometimes cost several...
The 9 Tools That
Collect 30,236
Emails In 6 Months
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