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The students with whom you will be using this course will
have studied English for approximately 700 to 800 hours and
will now be planning to take the Cambridge Certificate in
Advanced English (CAE). They may already have taken
Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) or one or more Certificates
In English language Skills (CElS) at Vantage or Higher level.
The CAE corresponds to the Council of Europe Framework
level C 1. According to this framework, learners of English at
this level can function as follows in the language and skills
areas described below.

Students at this level have a good degree of grammatical
control and do not generally make mistakes which lead to
misunderstanding. Errors may still be made in more complex
structures. They will need to revise areas such as these. At the
same time, they will also need to develop their knowledge of
certain more advanced grammatical structures.

Students have good range of vocabulary for common topic
areas and are able to use a good variety of expressions to
avoid repetition. There may be gaps in their vocabulary when
dealing with more specialised topics. They will need to
develop their awareness of nuances of meaning and
concentrate on making their English sound more authentic
and natural by focusing on common collocations and
expressions. They should work on expanding their knowledge
of word formation, phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions
and should be encouraged to make use of a good
monolingual dictionary In order to develop their vocabulary.

Students at this level have well developed reading skills and
can scan for relevant information and skim for the main topic
of a text They can grasp the overall meaning of complex
authentic and semi-authentic materials and understand
complex opinions or arguments as expressed in serious
newspapers, using features such as text structure and
referencing to help them.

register. They are aware of the conventions for organising and
structuring different types of texts such as articles, proposals
and reports. They can present arguments, persuade and
justify their opinions on abstract topics. In general, they are
able to communicate their main message clearly in
appropriate language so that the text has the desired effect
on the intended reader.

Students at this level can communicate effectively in a wide
variety of situations and can use...
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