Onfarm Composting Handbook

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The development of this bulletin began in 1987 when a committee was established to address the need for information
concerning on-farm composting. Robert Rynk, former extension agricultural engineer at the University of Massachusetts,
led the committee and wrote and edited many drafts of the manuscript. During the project, most of the authors were not
employed in the land grant system and donated their time to the development of the handbook. NRAES is grateful to the
authors for their commitment to this project.
This material is based upon work supported by the Extension Service and Soil Conservation Service, U.S. Department of
The New York State Department of Agriculture andMarkets
Agriculture,under specialprojectnumber91-ESNP-1-5153.
provided funds to the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Comell University that were used for the
development of sections of this handbook. Additional support was provided by the New York State Department of
Agriculture and Markets, through a grant from the New York State Water Resources Institute. The University of
Massachusetts provided administrative support for the project.

Portions of the material on grinders and shredders in chapter 5 were taken from Yard Waste Management: A Planning
GuideforNew York State by Richard, Dickson, and Rowland. A portion of the discussion on screens in chapter5 was taken
from Composting Fish By-Products: A Feasibility Study by Brinton and Seekins. Special thanks must go to the farmers
and composters who provided most of the real-world information that made the case studies in chapter 10possible: Marvin
Glaum, Glaum Egg Ranch; Elizabeth Henderson and David Stem, Rose Valley Farm; Wayne Gerster and Fred Feit,
Gerster & Sons, Inc.; Karl Hammer and Nels Johnson, Moody Hill Farms; Brett Kreher, Kreher Poultry Farms; Tom
Richard, Hardscrabble Farm; Gary Tennant, Comell University Farm Services; and David Allen, Farmer Automatic of
America, Inc. The authors are grateful to the compost equipment manufacturers and other commercial enterprises that gave
permission for their information and illustrations to he used in developing this handbook. Chapter 1 includes a brief
description of parasitic protozoans and the potential for these pathogens to he destroyed during the composting process.
The following persons from Comell University assisted in developing the text: Alice Pell, Associate Professor, Animal
Science; Susan Wade, Director, Parasitology Divisi...
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