Running Lean

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Praise for Running Lean, Second Edition

“Easily one of the best technical books on Lean Startup ever written.
Period. End of point. Done.”
Dan Martell
Founder, Clarity.fm
Angel Investor

“In Running Lean, Ash has put together a book I wish I’d read before
pursuing my own startup. The Lean methodology has received a lot
of press, but the level of detail, including case studies and practical
applications, make this book a resource worthy of sitting on every aspiring
entrepreneur’s shelf. It’s not just great advice, but a great read, too.”
Rand Fishkin
CEO and Cofounder, SEOmoz
Coauthor, The Art of SEO

“Customer validation has always been one of the best ways to eliminate
wasted effort and shortcut directly to what will work. Eric Ries and Steve
Blank did the startup world a great service by codifying and labeling the
principles involved. Ash Maurya goes one step further, providing a clear
roadmap for Internet entrepreneurs, with a delightfully clear and
simple writing style.”
David Skok
Author, For Entrepreneurs Blog
General Partner, Matrix Partners

“Ash provides compelling, actionable guidance for applying Lean
principles to a startup. His startup canvas changed the way I think about
my own startup. This book is a valuable guide whether you are a serial
entrepreneur or a first-time founder.”
Sean Ellis
Founder and CEO, CatchFree

“Lean concepts are exciting, but it’s hard to know what to actually
do. Ash not only gives advice, he makes it practicable—this is the first
comprehensive guidebook for how to execute a Lean Startup.”
Jason Cohen
Founder, WP Engine and Smart Bear

“Ash has laid out a clear compass for anyone to validate their ideas, solve
real problems, and create a successful business. I’d recommend this book to
anyone trying to get a business off the ground.”
Noah Kagan
Chief Sumo, AppSumo.com

“You’ve read the theory—now Ash distills it to practice. Running Lean
is a straightforward toolkit that distills wisdom from the startup world’s
greatest minds into battle-tested, actionable steps.”
Dan Shapiro
CEO and Founder, Sparkbuy and Ontela

“I wish I had read Ash’s book before setting out on my own entrepreneurial
journey, as it lays out clearly and concisely a cheat sheet to learn many of
the lessons that I’ve learned in the last four years through the school of
hard knocks.”
Jason Jacobs
Founder and CEO, RunKeeper

“Running Lean is remarkably relevant and clarifying for today’s generation
of Internet entrepreneurs, and it’s applicable to so...
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