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About this publication
The Business Council of Australia (BCA)
brings together the chief executives of
100 of Australia’s leading companies. For
almost 30 years, the BCA has provided a
unique forum for some of Australia’s most
experienced corporate leaders to contribute
to public policy reform that affects business
and the community as a whole. Our vision
is for Australia to be the best place in the
world in which to live, learn, work and
do business.
This publication, Policy Essentials:
Cost–Benefit Analysis, is a guide issued
by the Business Council of Australia to
raise understanding within the public
sector and the broader community of the
importance of conducting cost–benefit
analysis for major public policy decisions,
regulations and projects. It includes a
report authored for the BCA by Deloitte
Access Economics titled ‘Familiarisation
of the Cost–Benefit Analysis Framework’.
The BCA ‘Policy Essentials’ occasional
series provides practical resources to
promote good public policy governance
and practice in Australia.



Over many years, the Business Council of Australia
has promoted the importance of using cost–benefit
analysis (CBA) to evaluate major public expenditure
and regulatory decisions, particularly in relation to
We have become increasingly concerned
that decisions which involve considerable
expenditure or which have significant
impacts in the community are being made
without a proper evaluation of the costs,
benefits and risks involved. This has often
led to poor prioritisation, cost blowouts and
poor regulations that have had costly or
unintended consequences.
For public infrastructure provision, the
broader community and business want
to see that the right projects and priorities
are being funded and that they represent
value for money.
When members of the community see
considerable funds being expended on
projects where the benefit is not clear, they

lose confidence in the broader decisionmaking processes of government, and this
often makes other reforms very difficult.
In this context, the Business Council of
Australia identified a need for a simple guide
on what a cost–benefit analysis should
contain and commissioned Deloitte Access
Economics to develop this resource. We felt
it was important to go back to basics to explain
exactly what we mean when we call for
cost–benefit analysis.
The council hopes th...
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