Procedure and status of export activities in Vinhconship

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In the process of globalization and economic integration as
fast as today's world, import and export operations is an
indispensable activity in each country, including Vietnam. Besides
some key export commodities such as: rice, coffee, crude oil, other
agriculture products also play an important role in export in our
country. Along with the growth of exports, logistic appeared and
made a breaktrhrough for transportation.
Currently, in Vietnam, there are many businesses operating in
the field of export ing farm

products including the NGHEAN

Container Joint Stock Company - a business has many contribution
in enhancing exports position and market share in terms of these
goods in Vietnam and created a reputation for Vietnam on world
Recognizing the importance of exports of agriculture products
in Co.JSC and after a period of internship in operation service
deparment, I came to decision that choosing the topic "Procedure
and status of export activities in Vinhconship"for my reporting
On the ground that limited knowledge, there still contains
some unavoidable mistakes, I hope you can review and comment
to report more completed.
I sincerely thank you!
Ha Noi, August 2014


1.1. NGHEAN Container Joint Stock Company (Vinhconship)
1.1.1. General information

Company’s name: Nghean Container Joint stock Company
Trade name: Nghean Joint stock Company
Abbreviation name: VINHCONSHIP
Tax code: 2900563898
Head office address: No. 249, Le Duan Street, Vinh City, Nghe An Province.
Tel: (84-38) 3848 005 – Fax: (84-38) 3848 004
Email: contact@vinhconship.com.vn
Bank account: at Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)
General Director: Mr. Nguyen Duy Ky.
Deputy General Director: Mr. Vo Tien Cong.
Established in 1994 in Vinh city , Nghean Container Joint Stock
Company (Vinhconship Nghe An) , with the field of transport operations by
road, sea, trading of agricultural and forestry production, import and export ,
introduces itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of forestry and
agricultural products such as Gum rosin WW grade and X grade, Oleo pine
resin, Gum Turpentine oil,

Damar Batu resin, Cassia (Cinnamon), Star

aniseeds, Black pepper, etc.
Untill now, with 20-year experience in this field due to their high
quality products, large warehouse system, trucks, tractors and a variety of
containers along with slogan:” Our first principle is the b...
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